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Whister ATV's most popular ATV tour offer's the best variety of trails for all ability levels. A selection of trails through enchanting forest and single track terrain.
This easy tour combines gently graded forest trails and spectacular scenery giving you a taste of the Whistler backcountry at a slow speed comfortable for everyone!
Climb high into the alpine at around 5000ft of vertical elevation. For riders with off road experience that want access to high alpine trail and endless views of the surrounding backcountry mountains.



Whister ATV offers fully automatic ATV's with power steering for easy control and handling.


The best all weather activity made for the rain! Full rain gear is provided by Whistler ATV.


The best single track trails in the Whistler backcountry for all abilities and experience.

  •   Thanks Ryan Jones for the great tour! Thanks for sharing information about the mountains and taking pictures of us along the way too!

    Greg B

      I made this reservation several weeks in advance with Kim. The day before I went to confirm and Cleo had a hard time finding it. My concern? It's after Labor Day and it seems the "left hand didn't know what the right hand" promised/reserved. Were it not for the WONDERFUL "Antone" it would have been most dismal, but this young, adventurous splendid young man made it worthwhile due to his warm connection with us, which was most appreciated considering I don't think management knows which "end" is "up". Unfortunately, lots of fog/clouds and we could see little. It wasn't the jeep adventure I'm use to but "win a few lose a few" this time of year between seasons. More


      We had a great time. Alex was an awesome guide! Very scenic and great opportunities for beautiful pictures!

    thumb Eric S
  •   My mom and I went ATVing with our awesome tour guide, Ryan, and the mountain was so pretty. Ryan was a great guide to follow and he knew the trails like the back of his hand. Not only were the scenic areas amazing but the trails were good for beginners, with a couple of obstacles along the way. We had so much fun, and such a great time, that we decided to go ATVing again the next day with the same guide, Ryan, who took us on a once in a lifetime ATV mountain extravaganza! Since he knew the extent of our abilities on the machines from the previous day, we skipped the usual safety talk which gave Ryan time to take us to the very top of the mountain to show us one of the most beautiful viewpoints I have ever seen! Not only were the different views on the second trip ten times better than the ones we rode the day before, but the trails we ripped were way cooler and fun! If I had just one choice out of all the cool activities in Whistler, I would choose a private ATV tour with the one and only, Ryan J. Bottom line is if I could give more than 5 stars, I would do so without hesitation. This ATV experience is a must for anyone venturing to Whistler and anyone looking for the ATV ride of their life! More

    Dominic M

      Called in a day before to reserve a time for four people and they were very accomadating. Our guide Chloe was very friendly and we absolutely enjoyed the ride time we had with her.
    Recommend for a family weekend trip to whistler.


      So let's get it clear straight of the bat, I am no lover of dogs..l, in fact I'm petrified of them!
    HOWEVER, this tour was amazing!!! Seriously one of the best things I've ever done! Arrived at the kennels, an introduction and safety instruction. Next minute, putting the well cared for dogs onto the reigns. Snuggle into the sled (nice and warm with the provided sleeping bag). The Musher stands on the back, and you're off!
    The passengers get a go at "mushing" as well. Seriously so much better than I expected!
    We met one of the Mushers, Callum - with husky Leo - at the pick up point, and then Tegan (sorry if I spelled it wrong) was our Musher on the ride.
    Very professional, and all the staff truly care for their puppers.
    Highly recommend it

  •   Went on a tour yesterday with Chloe and it was amazing! The trails, bumps, and turns were incredibley fun and Chloe was always there asking us if we were ok and helping us learn new techniques. She also asked us what our expectations were (ie. What types of trails interested us, windy, muddy, downhill) which was really considerate of her. Always checked in on us and led us to a couple high picturesque viewpoints. Would recommend!

    Jordana F

      Went with 2 other couples, we did the 2 hour ATV ride. Jeff and Craig were totally amazing. Views and scenery are out of this world. I recommend this company to everyone

    thumb Ronnie S

      Firstly we have to say how impressed we were how nice everyone from this company are! The energy is amazing. They are always checking on everybody to make sure everything is fine and everyone is having a great Time.
    The view was amazing and the whole journey was very enjoyable. The treats provided were tasty, and I think that the tour was so worthy . I think that overall this was the best experience I had in Whistler.
    Our five year old son had a blast riding the mini snowmobile.
    Can’t wait to come back!
    Allamo, Chayenne & Benjamin

  •   Thank to our tour guide, Ryan, for making our ATV tour one of the many wonderful highlights of our vacation. This is a top notch company from start to finish. Checking in was quick and efficient and everyone at the ATV site was super friendly and helpful. Ryan, our tour guide was amazing!!! *****


      My 2 teenage sons, 16&19, and I did the Bushwacker Tour this week. My 16 year old was able to drive solo since I was going along. Nate was our guide and we couldn’t have asked for a better guide. Once he saw we were able to ride, we were able to go faster and covered more than most usually do. He provided lots of knowledge about the ride and was a great guy to hang with for a couple hours.

    It was a great 2 hour tour, about 1 1/4-1 1/2 hour actual riding time, and included various types of trails and terrain along with some breathtaking views. After a 10 minute ride from the hotel and a primer on safety with a practice ride, we were ready to go. I think what really made it special is the group split up into smaller groups so Nate had just the 3 of us. We could go at our own pace and weren’t slowed down as a large group. I’m very pleased it happened this way and made it more enjoyable for everyone.

    I highly recommend this tour. Would like to do the Top of the World tour next time. More


      My boyfriend and I were deciding between ATV wilderness or Whistler ATV and we are so glad that we chose Whistler ATV! Our guide tour Sam was awesome and showed us the magnificent sightseeing around the wilderness. We chose a tour in the evening so...More

    thumb maria1026
  •   We tried the outing for less experience riders. Great experience, terrain difficult enough to feel like you went off road. Lots of mud and splashes and rides up through the woods. Our group leader Ryan J was exxcellent and kept at the right speed for our groups abilities. Recommended morning out


      We were collected at the Hilton , and taken for the tour. Our guide was Ryan, he was excellent as he explained everything and stopped many times to see that we were all well. Ourselves and two more. I would not have liked too many...More

    thumb anastasiaEngland

      We decided last minute to do an atv ride which turned out to be amazing. We tried a few other places but none of there times worked for us being so last minute except for this group. Much better time slots available and we got to do the tour with just the guide. It was like having our own private atv tour. Ryan our tour guide was amazing and got great photos and photage for us during our trip.
    This tour though is not an easy ride if you are advanced and do trails all the times then you will like this harder tour and I recommend it. We had a lot of fun thank you for such a great time.

    Nicole f



Our adventure company was founded on the idea of offering visitors exclusive access to remote trails and off road terrain located in the Whistler backcountry. Whister ATV is proud to be a family owned and operated adventure tour company since 1992.



4050 Whistler Way,  Whistler, BC, VON 1B4

Located in the Hilton Resort Hotel in the lobby level

PHONE: 604 – 932 – 6681
EMAIL: info@whistleratv.com
FAX: 604 – 932 – 6681


2 Callaghan Road, Whistler, BC, V0N 1B1

Located in the Callaghan Valley

  • Turn off HWY 99 onto Callaghan Valley Road
  • Take first left onto Transfer Station Road
  • Follow the road left, past the Snowmobile Club 
  • Drive to the far side of the parking lot past the orange blocks
  • Find a parking spot before checking in at the base office